Will I work with the same person on all tasks?

You are assigned one primary virtual assistant who will oversee your tasks; this person's goal is to develop a trusted relationship with you, get to know your business, learn your preferences and anticipate your needs. If a task requires a particular skill or expertise, you can count on your assistant to work closely with the Jan & Susan professional (hereafter J&S) who can best complete it.

How do I communicate with my assistant?

Most communications happen in an online workspace where your tasks and projects are managed. You can also reach us by phone, email or text during normal business hours, Monday-Friday.

How soon will my tasks be completed?

We make every effort to complete routine tasks within 36 hours; routine tasks submitted after business hours, on weekends or holidays will usually be completed within 36 hours of the start of the next business day. If a task can't be completed within 36 hours, we will work with you to set a reasonable deadline for completion.

What is the refund policy?

There is a three month minimum commitment requirement for regular subscription plans; any of these plan may be canceled after three months. Concierge plans require a six month minimum commitment. There is not refund for unused hours.  

Can I SEE how much time has been used in my monthly plan?

We track all tasks we do for you and provide weekly reports in your online workspace where you can view the time used/available. Tasks are charged against the monthly subscription plan in 15-minute increments. (Example: A task completed in 12 minutes will be rounded up to 15 minutes; a task completed in 52 minutes will be rounded up to one hour, etc.) There are no refunds for unused time. If your tasks require more than the monthly plan allows, you may upgrade to a higher plan or pay for additional hours at a rate of $35 per hour (two hour minimum).

What if I have an urgent task outside of normal business hours?

We make every effort to accommodate urgent requests which must be completed outside normal business hours. Urgent tasks are charged against your monthly hour limit and subject to an additional fee of $35 per hour.

How am I billed for monthly subscriptions?

Monthly subscriptions are billed and charged to your credit/debit card on the date service begins. Any fees for extra hours over the limit, urgent requests outside of business hours or special projects will be charged to your credit card at the time of service. See pricing plans.

Can another person share my account?

You may designate one additional authorized user on your account — this could be a business associate or family member who can submit tasks on your behalf and communicate directly with your J&S assistant.  If you have more than one additional authorized user, each person must have his/her own monthly account.

Can I specify the computer programs/apps I want my assistant to use?

J&S assistants are proficient in commonly used programs for both Mac and PC, including MS Office (Word, Excel), Apple products (Pages, Numbers), Adobe products (PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Muse) and more. We are custom Squarespace designers and experienced users of many cloud-based apps such as Mailchimp, Dropbox, Quickbooks Online, Google Suite, Basecamp, Buffer, Social Pilot, Evernote, LiveChat, Active Collab, Olark, Slack, CloudApp, Zapier, Acuity Scheduling, Calendly, Join.Me and more.