The interaction of two or more things working together to create something that is bigger or greater than the sum of their individual efforts.


Synergy perfectly defines our work and partnership, formed over 20+ years of collaboration and friendship. We are co-entrepreneurs who love working together, laughing, being creative and helping others. Our backgrounds, skills and temperaments are 100% opposite and 100% complementary, a dynamic partnership which greatly benefits our clients. Similarly, we strive to develop a synergy with clients, combining our strengths with yours to create an even more powerful result.



My favorite work is designing, writing, and being creative. A perfect day would include a road trip, beautiful scenery, antique stores, historical markers, tickets to a concert or play, a great meal and a glass of wine (or bourbon, neat). I love cooking for family and friends, enjoy working hard and hope I never stop learning new things. I've been fortunate to call several wonderful places home, including Kentucky, North Carolina, Hawaii, Colorado and California—and dream of someday living and working in Europe, where my perfect day would include a road trip, beautiful scenery, antique stores...




I am a problem-solver and thrive in challenging situations, projects or tasks. I'm also a sports-crazed, Tabasco-loving, aspiring artist, techno-wizard, small notebook/fountain pen-collecting, dedicated grill master who loves people (meeting them, helping them, listening to them). I'm crazy about great food, great music and my family (not in that order). My perfect day would include an NFL ticket, tailgating, sunshine, 74 degrees...