Red, White and Blue Everything

If you're like us, you're looking forward to a rare mid-week holiday and fun activities with family and friends, or maybe a day with zero plans, which is also a treat. We're in planning mode, getting ready to host a big cookout to celebrate four birthdays (Susan, Mom, Dad, USA) and hoping for a nice, non-humid day so we can enjoy being outside. The forecast is 90+ degrees with scattered thunderstorms, but hey, those weather people get it wrong sometimes, don't they? Either way, we'll have fun.

This week we're dedicating The Goods to all things red, white and blue—some of our current favorites, including recipes, songs, news items, business tips and more. Enjoy! 

Watermelon Gazpacho
White Bean Dip with Herbs
Blueberry BBQ Chicken
Bottle of Red (Billy Joel)
White Winter Hymnal (Pentatonix)
Little Girl Blue (Nina Simone)
Red Camelbak Water Bottle
White Tea and Bamboo Soap
Blue Olukai Ohana Sandals
Humans Could be Living on the Red Planet by 2030
Against the All-White Clothing Rule at Wimbledon
Top 5 Names for Crayola’s new blue crayon
How to Spot Red Flags in Your Company's Leadership Team
How to Write White Papers People Actually Want to Read
11 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues and Actually Enjoy Work