Potpourri for $1,000 Alex

My Grandpa Koshewa loved Jeopardy. I remember watching it together, him seated on his big chair and me alongside, straddling a white vinyl ottoman just like the one pictured. Today a mid-mod fan would pay big bucks for this, but I wouldn't sell it in a million years. Nostalgia is a very powerful thing.

There's plenty of nostalgia in watching Jeopardy, too. Several generations have grown up with the show, which debuted in 1964. Phrasing one's answer in the form of a question is part of the American lexicon. Just about anybody you ask can hum the iconic theme music. And who can forget SNL's parodies with Will Farrell as host Alex Trebek and a lineup of celebrity guests? (Caution: don't watch with the kids.)

Susan and I still enjoy watching Jeopardy, especially when our favorite categories pop up and we have a chance to win some (virtual) money. I'm always happy to see these on the board: Before & After, Literature, Food & Drink, Theatre and State Capitals. Susan is great at Sports, Word Origins, Potent Potables, Pop Music and Famous Mascots. 

Potpourri (sometimes called Hodgepodge) is a mutual favorite, a catchall category which includes a little bit of everything. Just like this week's newsletter. Here are some articles, topics and tidbits that have recently caught our eye. Hopefully there's something here that you'll like, too.

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