Who is your audience? What are their interests? What do they need? What is your area of expertise? What do you have to offer? What platform will you use? Email newsletter? Blog? Downloads? Webinars? Online courses?

Good questions. In our experience, the answers vary widely from client to client. The solutions almost always focus on one thing: making sure that you (and your business) stand out from the rest. The path to distinguishing your online identity (brand) and marketing your business shouldn't be long and difficult. We start with a few questions and collaborate with you to create the unique look and presentation your work deserves.


Marketing Makeover

Is your branding stuck in a time warp? Give your business a fresh look with a new custom logo, flyer and print or social media ad:  

$250 (w/monthly subscription)


Are email campaigns and newsletters part of your business plan? Harness the power of MailChimp with a contact list import, mail list signup form, welcome series and custom newsletter template:

$150 (w/monthly subscription)



Stand out with a well designed logo that represents your business personality. Two logo designs presented for client preview/approval. One selected logo delivered.

$150 (w/monthly subscription)