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C4 / Concierge Service
Our C4 concierge service provides a dedicated virtual assistant who is available to you four hours* per weekday, to complete any admin task or work on recurring projects/task lists. Any project, any task.

Why is there an asterisk* after “four hours” above?
Nice notice. The four hours must be scheduled between 8am and 8pm CT (US Central Time) following an agreed-upon weekly schedule. Example: Mon 8am to noon; Tue 9am to 11am & 6pm to 8pm; Wed/Thur/Fri 10am to 2pm. The point is, you decide what four hours work best for you. Friday is the one exception — Friday availability ends at 4pm CT.

Why would I need concierge service instead of a standard subscription?
The short answer is: most of our clients do not. Concierge clients need a level of service and attention that goes beyond the norm. They want to know they can pick up the phone and talk directly to their assistant at specific times every weekday. They count on daily times set aside for their work exclusively. Concierge clients receive (and pay for) an extraordinary level of administrative service.