A. Things only you can do.

B. Other things.

We're here to make sure that most of your time (and money) aren't spent on B — preventing you from honing, perfecting and delivering A.

How do we do that?
We connect you with a virtual assistant (a real live person), who will organize your projects and tasks, collaborate and communicate, track every minute of work and deliver top-notch results. Our team of virtual assistants is small but mighty, with a broad range of experience and expertise. All of our team members are U.S.-based employees (not freelance workers) so we can guarantee the highest level of service and quality control. Most client communications happen in an online workspace where your tasks and projects are managed. You can also reach us by phone, email or text during normal business hours, Monday-Friday.

What admin services are available?
The short answer is: almost anything that can be done remotely on a computer. The longer answer is a list that grows with every new client:

  • Bookkeeping & payroll

  • Website maintenance

  • Email newsletters

  • Social media posts & scheduling

  • Email & calendar management

  • Blog scheduling & management

  • Lead prospecting & list building

  • Graphic design

  • Proofing and editing

  • Marketing services

  • Data entry

  • Online scheduling

  • Presentation design & setup

  • …and much, much more…

Don’t see the tasks that you need completed yesterday? Contact us and let’s review your list.

Other questions? They might be answered in our FAQs

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